Explore DC's trees visually! Our maps list trees we've planted, identified or measured through our various programs.

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Pheno Forecasts Guide Pest Insect Control Actions

We’re excited to welcome a guest post from the USA National Phenology Network all about maps they released to help estimate the appropriate time to treat pesky pests that haunt our …

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Not All Who Wander Are Lost – They’re Enjoying Our Fall Colors Routes

As we showcased last week, we built a map of the top 5 showy fall color trees in D.C. With this online map, you can now design routes around dense …

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Enjoy Fall Without Any Pumpkin Spice: Just Follow Our Foliage Map

Our Technical Services and Research team does some pretty cool stuff throughout the city. One of which is mapping most of the trees! With the data you can do a …

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D.C. Maps You Didn’t Even Know You Needed

Did you know D.C. publishes a lot of data and maps online? We stumbled across a few of these and had to share! These will help take your localized tree …

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Arborist Spotlight: John O’Neill

Here at Casey Trees we love maps! We have created quite a few in-house as well as in collaboration with the District’s Urban Forestry Administration (UFA). Most maps serve a …