Casey Trees believes that communities are better because of trees and that all who live, work, or visit need access to nature. Trees provide environmental, health, and economic benefits, making them vital to the future.

Plant in your Neighborhood

We strive to continue our efforts to identify and plant in the parts of the city that need it most season after season. What you pay for your services goes right back into the communities that need it most.

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Planting Opportunities

Work with our certified arborists on a custom planting, pruning, or landscape design project. We bring an objective, inclusive viewpoint to our clients—ensuring trees’ safety, health, and preservation.

Residential Trees

Free to DC Residents

  • Totally free program, easy sign up and communications with our trained experts.
  • Trees boost our mental health while raising our physical health.
  • Trees can help reduce heating and cooling costs by shading buildings, acting as windbreaks.
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Garden Services & Custom Consulting

DC, md, northern va

  • Custom ecological gardens, pruning, watering, invasive remediation, + more!
  • Action-oriented design stormwater plans that are people friendly.
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Community Trees

Free to Dc Residents

  • Our trained professionals will work with you to add shade and create a greenspace for your community by your community.
  • From private owned land, groups, communities with space to plant trees can take advantage of this program for no cost.
  • All faiths, houses of worship, and other faith-based spaces and people are welcome.
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School Trees

Free to Dc Residents

  • Work with our Education Team to bring environmental STEM learning and trees to your school
  • We will plant trees with the kids and provide everything you need for a successful and educational day!
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