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Work with our certified arborists on a custom planting, pruning, canopy mapping, or landscape design project. Our competitively priced and comprehensive services range from the planning and planting of new trees, diagnosis, care, and maintenance of current trees, and diagnosis and removal of ailing trees. We bring an objective, inclusive viewpoint to our clients—ensuring the safety, health, and preservation of trees.


Accentuate your home with a beautiful shade tree at no cost through one of our residential programs. Canopy trees can lower summer temperatures, reduce energy consumption, and add to the beauty and character of your neighborhood.

Have a tree professionally planted in your yard for free. Through the Riversmart Homes Program, you can accentuate your home with a beautiful shade tree at no cost. To register, submit an application with the District Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE) and we’ll do all we can to get your tree planted in the …

If you are thinking about adding a tree to your property, consider using our Tree Rebate to offset the cost by up to $100 per tree. Never before has adding a tree been so cost-effective — especially if you consider long term benefits such as lowered heating and utility bills. How it Works Just purchase …

Thank you for your interest in the Pepco Right Tree, Right Place program. You can request trees through this online form. First, we will schedule a consultation. Once approved, Casey Trees will plant the resident’s selected trees during the spring or fall planting seasons. You may also choose to apply for free trees through our …

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Inspire the next generation of forest stewards by hosting a tree planting at your school. We work with educators and administrators at public, private and charter schools and focus on pre-planting education and activities. Students serve as the primary planters which allows them to take ownership of the project and responsibility for the trees.



Community Tree Plantings have been the backbone of our tree planting efforts, since 2002 we have worked with community organizers, residents, businesses, and more to add trees at no cost to private residential and commercial property across our city.


Whether marking a celebratory or somber event, planting a memorial tree is a perfect token of remembrance. Work with our team to select and plant at select community sites throughout our planting season. This is an involved and deeply personal process and our Tree Adoptions are for those looking for a more symbolic option.