Ever wonder what tree that is? Learn how to identify and describe the trees that grow in D.C. at Trees 101 and take the first step in becoming a Casey Trees Citizen Forester. Held on Saturday, August 25 at the Kenilworth Recreation Center.

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Our Mission: Restore, enhance and protect the tree canopy of the nation's capital.

Weekly Watering Alert

Newly planted trees — those that have been in the ground less than three years — require 25 gallons of water, approximately 1.5 inches of rainfall, per week to survive. That’s why every Monday from May 1 through September 30, we post a tree watering alert to let you know whether you should water your trees, hold off, or if it’s up to you. As for the week of August 20? Optional: August in D.C. is perennially mixed with humid heat and torrential storms. Therefore, keep an eye on the weather and the moisture content of your soil. The forecast looks dry this week, with chances of thunderstorms tomorrow. Evaluate your specific site and water accordingly. #25toStayAlive

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