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Don't miss the opportunity to apply for our fellowship in urban forestry! The award is designed to increase the number of scientists in the field, and the January 31 deadline is quickly approaching.

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At Casey Trees our mission is simple: To restore, enhance and protect the tree canopy of the nation's capital.

Trees benefit our lives in so many ways – from cleaning the air we breathe and saving energy costs, to absorbing storm water and mitigating climate change. Trees do much more than look beautiful – they reveal the history of a city as well as its investment in the future. The original vision of our nation’s capital dating back to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson gave way to the ample tree-lined boulevards and parks that earned D.C. the moniker “City of Trees.” Founded in 2002 to protect this legacy and gain back the tree canopy we had lost, Casey Trees connects people to trees through continuing education and community action. Our opportunities to get involved are seasonal, so check out our calendar or sign up for our Leaflet newsletter to find out about all the ways you can help re-tree D.C.

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