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Did you know newly planted trees — those that have been in the ground less than three years — need at least 25 gallons of water a week to survive? That's about 1.5 inches of rainfall per week! Sign our 25 to Stay Alive Pledge and we'll send you a free rain gauge so you can track rainfall totals at home.

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We restore, enhance and protect the tree canopy of the nation's capital.

To fulfill this mission, we plant trees, engage thousands of volunteers of all ages in tree planting and care, provide year-round continuing education courses, monitor the city’s tree canopy, develop interactive online tree tools and work with elected officials, developers, and community groups to protect and care for existing trees and to encourage the addition of new ones.

Weekly Watering Alert: Optional

While rain dominates the early part of this week’s forecast, by Thursday or Friday the sun and heat are back to their regularly scheduled summer programming. Therefore, watering your young trees is optional.

Newly planted trees — those that have been in the ground less than three years — require 25 gallons of water, approximately 1.5 inches of rainfall, per week to survive. Every Monday from May 1 through September 30, we post a tree watering alert in our weekly newsletter, our homepage, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
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