Community Tree Planting

Since 2002, our flagship Community Tree Planting program has helped add more than 20,000 trees to private residential and commercial property across DC. We take great joy in working with community organizers to plant trees to make their neighborhoods more welcoming — and help them address concerns unique to their site such as flooding, noise pollution and lack of shade. When the right tree is planted in the right location, great things are possible!

How it Works

Community groups propose a planting site and locations for the trees. Shade trees must make up 60 percent or more of the total requested trees. This requirement may be waived exclusively for fruit tree projects such as fruit orchards and community gardens. Applicants must secure approval or permission from property owners before submitting an application.

Successful applicants are assigned a Casey Trees-trained Lead Citizen Forester as a technical advisor to help select tree species and planting locations and to develop a three year post-planting maintenance schedule. Project Organizers must attend an orientation meeting, provide morning refreshments and lunch for volunteers and ensure that the trees receive weekly watering in the spring, summer and fall for three years after they are planted.

Casey Trees provides support leading up to — including volunteer recruitment — and on the day of the planting, and all the required tools, safety gear, trees and tree care items such as slow-release watering bags at no cost to the group.

Please note that the Community Tree Planting program is not intended to fulfill street tree planting requests. Requests for street tree plantings should be made through 311 Online.