Ecological Gardens

Create a haven for local wildlife, support biodiversity, and contribute to the green beauty of your area by planting an ecological garden.

Contact us to schedule a site visit and consultation.

Our ecological garden program promotes pollinator-friendly plants that are native to the mid-Atlantic region, stormwater capture and minimal irrigation, and dense, matrix-style plantings that require less maintenance, less water, less fertilizer, and less pruning than conventional landscaping and turf lawns. Our gardens offer four seasons of horticultural interest, food and shelter for native insects and wildlife, and a beautiful, sustainable complement to the trees we plant through our canopy restoration program.

Types of gardens we design and install include rain gardens, pollinator gardens, shade gardens, lawn replacement with native plants, verge strip plantings, biorention plantings, and masterplans for larger properties, but each site is unique and requires a tailored approach. Get in touch with us via the form below to schedule a consultation.

Costs for our ecological gardens begin at $10 a square foot, with a minimum of 150 square feet of landscaping to be eligible. Any profit generated from our garden installations is plowed directly back into re-treeing DC and supporting our community programs. Your investment in a sustainable garden contributes to a greener, healthier, and more vibrant city. See our Leaflet article to read more about our garden program.