Our People

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Mark Buscaino, Executive Director


Andrew Schichtel, Chief Operating Officer

Diane Friedman, Office Manager

Davis Pipher, Maintenance Specialist

Malwina Maslowska, Business & Grants Associate

Brittany Tovar, Human Resources Manager

Laura Cooper, Human Resources Assistant

Shukura Abbott, Bookkeeper

Communications & Development

Italia Peretti, Director

Vince Drader, CRM Administrator

Jona Elwell, Communications Specialist

Abby Holcombe, Communications & Marketing Associate

Tissa Khosla, Digital Developer

Evan Kieber, Development Associate

Science and Policy

Jessica Sanders PhD, Director

Michaila Musman, GIS Analyst

Leah Harnish, Policy Analyst

Spenser Balog, Sustainable Development Associate


Melinda Peters, Director

Kelsey Desmond, Education Program Assistant

Tree Planting

Robert Shaut, Director

Paul Coraggio, Urban Forester II

Robert Colburn, Data Technician

Nate Kelly, Urban Forester

Miguel Mattox, Urban Forester

Cecilia McCrary, Urban Forester

Allan Rey, Urban Forestry Manager

Nick Smalley, Urban Forestry Foreman

Wes Morris, Urban Forestry Crew Chief

Rebecca Shipe, Urban Forestry Crew Chief

William Herbst, Urban Forestry Crew Chief

Savon Jackson, Tree Planting Crew

Alex Palacios, Tree Planting Crew

Andrew Roberts, Tree Planting Crew

Philip Mouton, Tree Planting Crew

Kent Greene, Urban Forestry Crew Chief


Tree Farm

Todd Woodfield, Nursery Manager

Debra Woodfield, Nursery Administrative Assistant

Reid Kemp, Assistant Nursery Manager

Doug Ball, Farm Crew

Arturo Cortes, Farm Crew

Daniel Martin, Farm Crew

JR Plotner, Farm Crew

Paul Konopa, Farm Maintenance Technician

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