Through advocacy, we share our voice and push for better policies to support and protect trees.


Advocacy is at the heart of our planning. Through advocacy, we share our voice and push for better policies to support and protect trees. We foster strong relationships with the Mayor and District agencies, the Council, Advisory Neighborhood Commissions, and with you to expand and protect DC’s canopy.

Since Casey Trees inception over two decades ago, we have been able to reverse tree canopy loss in the District by advocating for more planting and preservation. DC now has one of the most ambitious canopy goals in the nation – 40% coverage by 2032 – and some of the best protections for trees. DC residents recognize the value of the trees that keep our air and water cleaner, cool our city, and create communal spaces for people and animals alike.

There is always work to be done to spread the word about how important trees are to our cities today and our sustainable future. We rely on our diverse, passionate, and engaged volunteers to add their voices to ours. Together, we show that a greener DC is a healthier and stronger DC. Take a look at the resources on this page to learn a little bit of the history of Casey Trees’ advocacy and how to be an advocate for the trees yourself.

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We choose to advocate because we believe in the idea that trees are more than the obvious benefits they provide and, because of this, they need someone to be their voice in government. At the very soul of our advocacy efforts lies the belief that our city is better because of trees and that all who live, work or visit the District need access to nature. Simply put, we speak for the trees, because they don’t have the voice to speak for themselves.