September 11, 2017 /
Jona Elwell

D.C. Maps You Didn’t Even Know You Needed

Did you know D.C. publishes a lot of data and maps online? We stumbled across a few of these and had to share! These will help take your localized tree knowledge and care up a notch.

Street Tree Removal
Do you have a young tree that never established, or a larger, dead tree that is posing a hazard to the surrounding area? Curious about what is going on on your block? This map is for you! This map shows current locations of scheduled street tree removal work by the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) Urban Forestry Division (UFD)’s certified arborists. Keep in mind, a permit is required for any non-DDOT representative to conduct work on street trees.


Scheduled Street Tree Planting Locations
While the title is pretty self explanatory –  this map is chock a block full of cool info. Wondering if the tree box down the street is one of the 6,400 proposed planting locations? Or are you curious what species of tree was just planted? This is the map to see just what trees are arriving on your block As a bonus, this includes tree trimming! Do you have plenty of trees on your block, but none in your yard? We can help with that!


Urban Tree Canopy in the Nation’s Capital
While the entire slideshow is a pretty cool dive into D.C.’s trees, the last slide that showcases the change in canopy coverage from 2006 to 2011. Check out what ANC’s are the winners and loser for canopy coverage change. Want to help your ANC gain more canopy? Sign up to help plant trees on public lands or add a tree to your property for little or no cost with our residential planting programs.


Street Trees
Did you know there are approximately 150,000 trees located along the streets in the District of Columbia? These street trees are managed by UFD and help clean the air we breathe, manage stormwater, keep us cool, reduce our stress levels and so much more.


Tree Watering App
The newest addition to the D.C. tree map collection, the tree watering app which was launched earlier this year by  Mayor Bowser. You can can locate trees in all eight wards that need watering, tag trees you’ve watered, and upload photos of the trees being watered. Also, the app includes a story map with information about tree species found throughout Washington, D.C.



Bonus maps because we couldn’t limit it to just 5:

D.C. summers are known for being unbearably hot, but check out these new maps to see how much cooler it is underneath the tree canopy.

Curious whether or not the Ginkgo tree outside your house will drop stinky fruit? D.C. has your answer.