March 26, 2018 /
Theresa M. Crimmins, PhD

Pheno Forecasts Guide Pest Insect Control Actions

We’re excited to welcome a guest post from the USA National Phenology Network all about maps they released to help estimate the appropriate time to treat pesky pests that haunt our trees. Need a refresher on phenology? We’ve got you covered here.

Released in early March, the USA National Phenology Network’s Pheno Forecast maps indicate when to undertake management action to most effectively control pest species including emerald ash borer, apple maggot, lilac borer, hemlock woolly adelgid, and winter moth. These maps are updated daily and are available 6 days in the future.

Maps are available via the USA-NPN visualization tool and the USA-NPN website.

Pheno Forecasts are based on published growing degree day (GDD) thresholds for points in pest life cycles when management actions are most effective and are generated using USA-NPN accumulated growing degree day map products.

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Help improve the maps! The Pheno Forecast map products are still in development, and your input on their performance in your area is very valuable. Provide your feedback.

Who is the USA National Phenology Network?

Funded primarily by the U.S. Geological Survey, the USA National Phenology Network is a national-scale consortium of individuals and organizations that collects, stores, and shares phenological data, value-added data products, and information to advance science and to support natural resource decision-making across a variety of spatial and temporal scales. The Network delivers free and readily available phenological data, connects researchers studying how species respond to climate change with managers who need this information to inform adaptive management, and creates a diverse community of stakeholders. The USA-NPN also hosts Nature’s Notebook, a plant and animal phenology observation program suitable for natural resource managers as well as nature enthusiasts of nearly all ages and skill levels.