UVA Parking design sketch.


We provide many resources that you might be interested in on urban trees and environmentalism in D.C. We publish our research, reports, and presentations so the public has access to important resources for planting and maintaining trees. Whether you want to hire an arborist, plant trees on your property, find the locations of trees we’ve planted, or advocate for trees and environmentalism, we can help equip you with the knowledge you need to help the environment, the city, and yourself benefit the most from trees.


  • Tree Report Card is an annual independent tree and tree canopy assessment that measures the quantity and quality of Washington D.C.’s trees and tree canopy and public and private efforts to expand and sustain it.
  • Trees How-To: learn how to select, plant and care for trees. We also provide video instruction to guide you in your planting and tree care efforts.
  • Tree Species: learn about common trees in the District and surrounding area. We provide a reference on identification details, history, desired planting condition, as well as photos of each tree species.