DC Street Trees Map

DDOT’s Urban Forestry Division (UFD) is keeper of Washington DC’s ~145,000 street trees and have created this map of the street trees to help the public understand the forest that surrounds them. Trees are shown as green circles, sized according to their size in diameter. Open tree spaces are displayed as blue circles. Zoom in to an area and click on the trees that interest you; a popup window will emerge providing details such as common and scientific name, size and condition.

The map, created by the District’s Urban Forestry Division (UFD), is reflective of the latest data. If you are on a mobile device, try the full-screen version of this map.

Scheduled Street Tree Planting Locations

This map is created for the public by DDOT’s Urban Forestry Administration. Its purpose is to depict the location and species of street trees that are scheduled to be planted during the upcoming planting season.

Try the full screen version of this map.