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Threats to Local Trees

Browse the Tree Pests & Diseases resource – our field guide to the threats to trees in our region.


Did we make the grade?

This year's Tree Report Card is in. Is it worthy of hanging on the District's refrigerator? View each of the individual grades and see where we passed, and where we failed.


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There are so many breathtaking pictures that occur not just during our work, but in our city and with the people that comprise it. Consider our new Instragram account your next place to be inspired.


Featured Videos

Doc-In-A-Day w/ Stone Soup Films

Doc-In-A-Day with Stone Soup Films

We received a call a while back, letting us know Stone Soup Films wanted to highlight our work for their Doc-In-A-Day at our Lansburgh Park planting. This is the (beautiful) result.

You can use more than a hose, you know

How to Water a Tree

Watering a tree may seem pretty straightforward, until you're a Washingtonian with limited accessibility to an outdoor hose. Thus, our how-to video on other alternatives.