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Apply for the Canopy Award for Design

The Design Award is an opportunity to recognize a project that helps to restore, enhance, or protect the tree canopy of the nation’s capital. Accepting applications until Feb. 13 - Apply Now.

It's cold outside, time to prune your trees!

Pruning provides many benefits to the longevity of a tree. By pruning young trees, it forces those trees to grow in a way that promotes a strong structure. Learn More

Take care of your trees: Winter Tree Care Guide

The winter solstice marks the release of our annual Winter Tree Care Guide, a compilation of tips and tricks to get you and your trees prepped for the chilly season ahead.

Featured Publications

Growing the tree out of the box

A tree’s ability to reach its full height and canopy potential depends on the amount of soil available for its roots. The typical street tree box is too small to support healthy tree growth. read more

A guide to successful tree advocacy

Trees provide a host of environmental, economic, social, and psychological benefits. This resource will provide you with everything you need to advocate for trees in our great city.

Explore a map of all CT plantings

These data were collected by Casey Trees staff at our Community Tree Planting events. This map is continually updated as we plant each spring and fall season.