Measure This (5/28 & 5/30)

This is a great opportunity for those looking to get involved in a Citizen Science project whose efforts will be reflected in a publishable scientific paper.

Get a Free Rain Gauge

When you pledge to water your trees, you will receive a complimentary rain gauge so you can track weekly rainfall totals at your home.

Sign up for weekly watering alerts

Each Monday from May to September we will issue watering alerts in The Leaflet so you know when to take action.

Non-native invasive plant removal (6/3 & 6/6)

This two part course will cover invasive plants and how they are threatening our native landscapes.

Identify tree species

Our tree species resource provides identification details and desired planting conditions for trees we have planted.

Watch our Trees How-To videos

Our trained arborists have prepared video instruction on how to plant and take care of your trees.