Information on urban hardy species that have been tested for success.

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Evergreen Trees for Every Season

With winter approaching, we watch as the painted leaves of autumn abandon their branches and leave trees bare for the rest of the season. There is a mysterious, undeniable beauty …

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Ecological Gardens

Contact us to schedule a site visit and consultation. Our ecological garden program promotes pollinator-friendly plants that are native to the mid-Atlantic region, stormwater capture and minimal irrigation, and dense, …

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Growing Together

Imagine a neighborhood where every backyard is adorned with vibrant, leafy canopies – providing shade, beauty, and a whole host of environmental benefits to our communities. With our tree planting …

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Mythbusting: The “Big Tree” Myth

At Casey Trees, we receive countless requests for tree plantings each year, many from homeowners. Last year we planted over 5,000 trees – our largest amount ever in a year. …

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Community Tree Planting at Glenncrest

Last weekend, volunteers and community members joined us for a community tree planting in Glenncrest, a residential area of Ward 7 that includes a shared green space accessible and visible …

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Street Sign Request

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Environmental Literacy

a tree near a building with many windows

Tree Report Card 2021

Casey Trees’ Tree Report Card measures the quantity and condition of DC’s trees and the collective efforts of groups and individuals working to achieve the District’s 40 percent tree canopy …

rendering of a witch hazel and its leaves

Witch Hazel

Hamamelis virginiana Witch hazel is an excellent understory tree that produces fiery-yellow, fragrant flowers that stand out in the fall and winter. The extract is distilled from the bark of …

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Black Willow

Salix nigra The black willow has elongated green leaves and dark brown to black, deeply-furrowed bark. The tiny yellowish-green flowers that appear in catkins in the spring provide nectar for …

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American Sycamore

Platanus occidentalis The American sycamore is a tough, wide-canopied tree that will provide plenty of shade in the summer. Its signature brown bark exfoliates to reveal creamy whiter inner bark …

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Okame Cherry

Prunus x incamp ‘Okame’ Flowering much earlier than other cherries, the okame cherry displays carmine-pink blossoms in the late winter or early spring. Deep green foliage in the spring and …

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Loebner Magnolia

Magnolia x loebneri ‘Merrill’ A cross between Magnolia kobus and Magnolia stellata — this small, deciduous tree enjoys a rounded habit and star-like white flowers that appear before the leaves …

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Freeman Maple

Acer x freemanii A hybrid of the red and silver maple, this fast grower combines the best attributes of both in a stately, adaptable shade tree. Exceptionally bright red fall …

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Japanese Pagoda

Styphnolobium japonicum Contrary to its name, the Japanese pagoda is an ornamental shade tree native to China and Korea. It is able to withstand the rigors of urban life and …