January 25, 2021 /
Jona Elwell

Casey Trees FAQs

As the leading urban forestry in the DMV, we get a lot of miscellaneous questions from folks. Some of these have helpful answers that we think more people should know. So we compiled a (short) list of commonly asked questions. Do you have one that isn’t addressed? We’re always available at

  1. My street tree box is empty or the tree is in rough shape, can you help?
    • We wish! Street trees, those in the right of way (the area between the sidewalk and the street), are owned and maintained by the city’s Urban Forestry Division. You can submit a Street Tree Planting or Maintenance request through 311. You’re also welcome to follow up with your Ward Arborist and ANC Commissioner to shepherd the process along.
  2.  There’s a tree on my property that needs help, will you come take a look at it?
    • We’d be happy to! Our arborists provide residential consultations and tree pruning requests as part of our Fee for Service program. All you need to do is fill out an inquiry at and we’ll be in touch. We typically respond to these requests based on our current capacity, so if you’re looking for a quicker turnaround time you can always find another certified arborist at
  3. I’m looking to plant a tree in honor of someone. 
    • While our in-person tree dedication plantings are on hold due to the pandemic, we have plenty of options for commemorative trees.
  4. Can I take advantage of your multitude of free residential planting programs even if I do not live in DC proper?
    • Unfortunately our residential planting programs like RiverSmart Homes and Right Tree, Right Place only apply to adding trees to District property. If you’re located in the surrounding areas, you can take advantage of our Tree Rebate program or we’d be happy to add trees to your property as part of our Fee for Service Program.
  5. I saw this interesting tree at this specific location. Do you know what it is?
    • Probably! If you check our Trees Near Me map, you can see the trees that the city has planted in street tree spots, trees we’ve inventoried as part of our Park Inventory program, trees we’ve planted at our Community and School Tree Plantings, and even trees we’ve planted through our residential planting programs.  
  6. Do you have an internship program for students?
    • All of our career opportunities, from student internships to full-time positions, are available in our career portal.
  7. What is the watering requirement for newly planted trees in the winter? They came with the green watering bags.
    • If the ground has frosted, it’s recommended to fill up the watering bag once or twice now. Then fill it up weekly from May-October. We have more information about watering young trees, and its importance, as part of our Weekly Watering Alerts. You can sign up for them, pledge to water, and win free prizes at
  8. There is a small triangle park near me that would benefit from some trees. Can you plant there?
    • Our ability to plant more often than not depends on the landowner, and in DC there are many! Feel free to submit a request for a Community Tree Planting and our team will take a look at the project’s feasibility.
  9. A tree near me is being cut down. Do you know why?
    • DC has a Tree Removal Map you can check to see if, in fact, it is slated for removal. It’s important to note that the city only removes dead, dying, or hazardous trees. To ensure the tree is replaced, you can submit a Street Tree Planting request through 311. We’d also welcome you to be part of our advocacy program and stand up for trees throughout the District!
  10. Do you know when you’ll hold volunteer events again?
    • Unfortunately, right now we do not. You can keep up to date on all our pandemic related decisions by visiting or subscribing to our weekly newsletter the Leaflet. We can’t wait to welcome volunteers back to our events!