Advocate for Trees

Communicate with developers, legislatures and other decision makers to keep our urban forest healthy

From 1950 to 2016, the District’s tree canopy dropped from 50% to 36%. D.C. is now covered by more asphalt, rooftops, and sidewalks than tree cover. Reaching a citywide 40% tree canopy will provide a cleaner, cooler and healthier future for every citizen of D.C.

While the District’s canopy has been declining, research continues to prove how important trees are to our neighborhoods and communities. We know that trees help manage stormwater, decrease cooling costs, clean air, reduce noise, improve mental wellbeing, and increase home values — and the list goes on.

The greatest challenge to achieving the 40% canopy goal is not planting a sufficient number of trees, it’s protecting them. As a city we continue to exceed the number of annual plantings required to reach the goal. However, as our city develops, we are losing mature trees faster than newly-planted ones can grow. That’s where you come in.

We need your help to ensure the city develops in a way that benefits both residents and the environment. Through effective communication with developers, legislatures, and other decision makers your voice will help us re-tree D.C. for future generations.

Become a Certified Tree Advocate

You can become certified in tree advocacy in D.C. by attending our workshop, Advocacy in the District. After attending this workshop, you’ll be encouraged to watch a webinar that dives deeper into the ways you can affect change in your D.C. community. Then take just three advocacy actions — which can be anything from attending a community meeting or hearing to submitting public comments on a project — and you’ll become Casey Trees’ next Certified Tree Advocate!

As a Certified Tree Advocate, you’ll continue your advocacy with Casey Trees by receiving exclusive invitations to advocacy classes and events, and gain access to tools and resources to help you ensure that D.C. continues to be the City of Trees.

Citizen Advocate Handbook

Designed to empower District residents to stand up, speak out, and fight for D.C.’s trees — the Citizen Advocate Handbook is a comprehensive resource that provides residents with everything they will need to advocate for trees in our great city.

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