Advocate for Trees

Communicate with developers, legislatures and other decision makers to keep our urban forest healthy

From 1950 to 2001, the District’s tree canopy decreased from 50% to 35%. These findings from American Forests, published in a groundbreaking Washington Post article, sparked a citywide discussion about urban planning and the importance of trees in our Nation’s capital. This article empowered longtime resident, Betty Brown Casey, to exercise her voice on behalf of trees and create an urban forestry nonprofit dedicated to restoring, enhancing, and protecting the tree canopy of DC. Two decades later, we at Casey Trees are committed to meeting the city’s tree canopy goal of 40% by 2032.

At the heart of all advocacy is a call to action. It is our mission as advocates to ensure that trees not only have a place in an urban environment, but a place to thrive. Casey Trees has worked diligently since our inception to pass legislation that protects our city’s trees, develop strong relationships with developers to design with trees in mind, and train a diverse volunteer-base with passionate advocates to speak on behalf of trees.  We coordinate with District agencies, councilmembers, Advisory Neighborhood Commissions and community members to ensure that our urban planning is designed in favor of trees.

Cities are meant to be vibrant places with beautiful greenery and close knit communities, but asphalt, rooftops and other impervious surfaces can make them hot and unlivable. The District’s trees make the city cooler on hot summer days and create a place for residents to connect and interact. They make roadways safer, air cleaner and rivers healthier. Our goal is to make sure that every area of the District has trees and everyone who lives, works and visits DC can access them.

Advocacy Workshop

Attend our workshop and learn the ins and outs of tree advocacy in D.C.

Public Comments

Participate in the developer’s design process by submitting comments

What We Ask For

Deliver testimony at upcoming hearings and influence how D.C. prioritizes its trees

Advocacy Works

Tree advocates helped pass the Tree Canopy Protection Amendment

Citizen Advocate Handbook

Designed to empower District residents to stand up, speak out, and fight for D.C.’s trees — the Citizen Advocate Handbook is a comprehensive resource that provides residents with everything they will need to advocate for trees in our great city.

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