Pretty Branch

COVID-19 Update

We continue to follow and respond to the ongoing developments surrounding COVID-19. Looking at the facts as they currently stand, we are cancelling all our community events through March 31, 2020. These events include:

  • Team Leader Olympics (Recertification) | Saturday, March 14
  • Fort Reno | Saturday, March 21
  • THEARC Farm | Friday, March 27
  • Catholic University | Saturday, March 28
  • Keene Field | Saturday, April 4
  • Team Leader Training | Wednesday, April 15
  • GWU Mt. Vernon Campus | Friday, April 17
  • Riggs LaSalle Recreation | Wednesday, April 22
  • Washington Monument | Friday, April 24
  • The Canopy Awards | Friday, April 24

We have always, and will always, err on the side of caution to ensure your safety and this is no exception. In regards to the rest of our season, we are closely monitoring the local and national responses to COVID-19. Because news about the virus changes rapidly, we will reassess our status later this month and confirm or adjust the dates for the rest of our community events this season.

Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience. We will continue to email our volunteers and will update our website with information as it becomes available regarding our other upcoming volunteer events.

If you decide not to participate this season, again, we completely understand. If you do cancel for a future event, please let us know as soon as possible either on Eventbrite, or by emailing, so we will know how many people to expect.

Thank you once again for your incredible commitment to Casey Trees and our mission. We’ll continue to keep you updated with the latest information as it comes in.


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