Cultivate strong and healthy trees that will endure for years to come

Large, mature trees are the powerhouses that provide the greatest ecological, aesthetic and economic benefits to D.C. residents — and the care a tree receives in the first three years of its life is the most important factor when determining long-term survival. When joining us in watering, weeding, pruning and inventorying trees throughout the city, you’re helping young saplings reach their full potential and ensuring a healthy canopy.

Park Inventories

Over the past year we have inventoried thousands of trees across the district to determine the health, size, and species of the trees that are growing in our local and national parks. Join our citizen science volunteers in collecting the data we need to ensure the District’s trees are healthy. Inventory events occur when leaves are on the trees.

May – October

Water, Weed & Mulch

Help Casey Trees care for vulnerable young trees and give them a leg up in becoming an important part of our growing tree canopy. Come out to water, weed and mulch trees throughout the city. These events occur in the summer months when trees need water the most. Take the ‘25 To Stay Alive Pledge‘ to water your trees this summer and receive and free rain gauge.

June – September


Trees with good structure are more resistant to high winds, snow, ice, and other natural stressors. Learn effective pruning skills from the Urban Forestry Administration and Casey Trees arborists by pruning and caring for trees throughout the city.

Winter and Summer

Pledge to Water

The single most important factor for young tree survival is water. Pledge to water your trees and sign up for our weekly watering alerts!

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