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August 10, 2020 /
Jona Elwell

Our Favorite Tree Nursery in the DMV

Did you know we can give you money back for planting trees in DC?! It’s true thanks to our Tree Rebate program. You know, that one where you can get up to $100 back per tree if you purchase and plant one on private property in DC. 

But where to purchase a tree? Thankfully there are a number of garden centers and nurseries nearby – our favorite and top choice?

Casey Tree Farm! 100 acres of land in production in nearby Berryville, VA dedicated to sustainable tree production. We use techniques that prioritize long term soil health and productivity, while safeguarding the overall environment. Check out our availability here

Want to see more? Here’s a sneak peek:


If we don’t have what you’re looking for, or you’d appreciate a quicker turnaround, there are plenty of other options dotting the DMV, whether you want houseplants, garden plants, or a tree to plant

Before shopping anywhere, it’s key to keep a few things in mind:

Call before you go. While we list the available store, this doesn’t attest to their pandemic-affected hours or operating procedures. Not to mention tree availability, quality or quantity of trees at any of these locations. Before you venture out to one of the featured garden centers, give them a call to see if they carry what you want.

Inspect before buying. Not all trees sold commercially are equal so take your time selecting the right one and visit several nurseries if necessary. Bring along our tree selection tips so you know what above and below-ground qualities to look for.

Ask questions. Nursery staff are there to help you. Describe what you are looking for and get their recommendations.

And remember, rebate requests must be accompanied by an itemized purchase receipt — so be sure to get one before leaving the store. There are also a few exceptions to what trees qualify. We’re always available at with questions, we hate turning down requests.