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Tree Report Card 2009

This year’s 2009 overall grade of B- represents a slight decrease from last year’s grade of a flat B. The difference is largely because last year we graded ourselves against …

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Tree Report Card 2008

The Tree Report Card is the only independent evaluation of the District’s tree canopy and the first such assessment in the Nation. It grades DC’s trees and tree canopy on …

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Tree Report Card 2016

Casey Trees is a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit committed to restoring, enhancing and protecting the tree canopy of our nation’s capital. We pursue our mission through community action, education, and research. …

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i-Tree Ecosystem Analysis

i-Tree Ecosystem Analysis reveals the structure, function and value of urban forests. Trees provide enormous benefits to human health and the environment. Those natural woody plants standing tall on our …

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The Grades are In: The 2017 Tree Report Card

Each year on Arbor Day, Casey Trees releases our Tree Report Card where we analyze the state of D.C.’s urban forest and grade its progress towards our 40 percent tree …