2022 - In Celebration

Casey Trees in Celebration at the Line, a spring soirée.

The 2022 Canopy Awards Honorees


Friends of Oxon Run

Trees have many benefits in cities and parks but often overlooked are the mental health benefits and sense of
peace trees bring. Friends of Oxon Run, though, is intimately aware of the positive power of trees as well
as the weight of the trauma of gun violence their community carries. Oxon Run is the largest park in the
city’s inventory. Friends of Oxon Run works to create an urban oasis in Oxon Run Park to re-ignite the
spirit of its citizens. Their goal is to enhance the community’s mental and physical well-being through
trails, tree plantings, amphitheater performances, exercise, and outdoor learning.

For their efforts in retreeing Oxon Run Park to foster a safe space to process the community’s collective
trauma, we are honored to present Friends of Oxon Run with the Canopy Award for Partnership. Accepting the
award is Vice Chair Brenda Lee Richardson. Working to improve the design and quality of Oxon Run Park,
Brenda and her team have focused their efforts on bringing the mental health benefits of greenspace to their
community. On winning the award for Partnership, Brenda noted, “So absolutely partnerships are critical to
our work because we can’t do this alone. But I’m so grateful and appreciative that we have partners that
volunteer to come and do work with us.”

Volunteer Service

Mary Pat Rowan

For Mary Pat Rowan and former Canopy Award Honoree Delores Bushong, when the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the
city, they used the empty parks as an opportunity to do something they’d long wished for: a way to gain
access to a patch of forest in their beloved Langdon Park that was overrun and overgrown with invasive
vines. “I mean we came in and these trees here were… well, what we saw was mounds of vines. And so we
clipped the vines and sure enough, the trees emerged,” Mary Pat explained. A landscape architect and
longtime resident of the Brookland area, Mary Pat was no stranger to collaborating for the betterment of her
community through greenspace. Collaborating with city agencies like DOEE and DDOT, as well as community
organizations like Casey Trees, Mary Pat has turned her pandemic project into a proper, upright forest
regeneration patch that can act as a model for the power, and simplicity, of invasive vine management and
community engagement.

For her continued and unwavering dedication to forest regeneration in Langdon Park, we are honored to present
Mary Pat with the Canopy Award for Volunteer Service. When asked about her experience that won her the
award, Mary Pat remarked, “Yes, all the agencies are now involved, but this didn’t come from them. We were
concerned about our neighborhood and we came in and said – let’s make our neighborhood a little prettier, a
little more environmentally sound, and now we have!”


Councilmember Charles Allen

From the moment he stepped into the Wilson Building, Casey Trees has been working steadfastly alongside Ward
6 Councilmember Charles Allen to prioritize restoring, enhancing, and protecting DC’s tree canopy. Acutely
aware that Ward 6 has the lowest tree canopy in the District, the Councilmember has made great strides in
tree protection legislation for our urban forest. Councilmember Allen spearheaded the Tree Canopy Protection
Amendment Act of 2015, which was foundational in protecting DC’s most mature — and most valuable — trees.
Since then, he continues to champion the District’s tree protections by introducing and passing a Stop Work
Order this year, which proactively blocks the illegal removal of Heritage and Special trees.

For his efforts to craft and pass legislation protecting city trees, we are honored to present Councilmember
Charles Allen with the Canopy Award for Leadership. A consistent champion to make the District livable for
all, Councilmember Allen collectively works to improve the quality of life for residents and trees within
his Ward and the Nation’s Capital as a whole. When reacting to winning the award, he said, “I was really
humbled. I’m surrounded by a lot of people who understand how big of a priority [trees are]. It’s really
more of a reflection of a team effort – a lot of people who have worked really hard to think about what it
means to protect our tree canopy, what it means for our city.”


Jeria Carter

Teachers are often known for their creativity and resourcefulness, especially in urban areas. Jeria Carter is
no exception; when the former Art Teacher (now Literary Media Specialist) saw an unused courtyard on campus,
she looked past the trash and tools and saw an opportunity. Showing her students the power, pride, and magic
of caring for a space, Jeria spearheaded a mission to bring plants, trees, art, and contemplation to the
courtyard and create a therapeutic space for students.

For her efforts in bringing new life to Anacostia High School and including students every step of the way,
we are honored to present Jeria Carter with the Canopy Award for Education. On winning the award, she noted,
“So Casey Trees coming here has sparked something… I’m just eager to see what in the future we can do
with everyone else.”


Prince George’s County

Over the past several years, our neighbors in Prince George’s County have significantly ramped up their
street tree planting. Inspired to support these efforts, Casey Trees has been partnering with their
Department of Public Works & Transportation to plant even more trees in the county. Together, we will bring
countless benefits to Prince George’s residents – from cutting energy costs due to increased shade, to
absorbing stormwater and therefore mitigating pollution entering our shared waterways.

For their efforts in enhancing the tree canopy for residents throughout their county, we are honored to
present Prince George’s County with the Canopy Award for Sustainability. Accepting the award is Wayne Lucas
– a County Arborist, Landscape Architect, and fervent supporter of Casey Trees. On winning the award, Wayne
exclaimed, “I am honored! And kind of in shock!”


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