2021 - Canopy Fest

Canopy Awards in stride with #ArborDayDelivered

Canopy Fest!

Arbor Day Delivered

While we couldn’t host our usual bash to celebrate our tree heroes on Arbor Day, we delivered the festivities right to your door so you could enjoy a delicious dinner from Little Sesame from your couch, front stoop, or neighborhood park.

The 2021 Canopy Awards Honorees

Education: Jacob Fenston

As local NPR member station WAMU’s environment reporter, Jacob shares the good, the bad, and the ugly of all things climate change, resiliency, and the natural world in the greater DC region. Whether discussing solar farms, the effects of warming temperatures of communities of color, or changing city regulations, he brings his curiosity and keen eye to each story he covers. For his continued dedication to sharing stories that need to be told and reporting on the many facets of environmental change in our city, we’re honored to present Jacob Fenston with the Canopy Award for Education.

Volunteer Service: Jack Camino

Many of our trained volunteers find one program and stick to it. Jack Camino , however, is a literal Casey Trees jack of all trades. A friendly, hilarious, and active Team Leader, he has a knack creating harmony, humour and connection within a group – whether he is leading tree planting, inventories or classes. For being a consistent bright light at all our volunteer events, we are honored to present Jack Camino with the Canopy Award for Volunteer Service.

Sustainability: DC Water’s HQ0

When you think of award winning architecture, government agency headquarters aren’t at the top of your list. When you think of urban forestry goals, DC Water probably isn’t the agency you’re thinking of. But that is the beauty of their newly finished headquarters in Navy Yard along the banks of the Anacostia River, HQ0. This innovative project exemplifies how our urban forestry mission can expand. Pushing the boundaries of sustainability, this bold and refreshing building showcases how you can look back while also looking forward. For their groundbreaking headquarters, we are honored to present DC Water with the Canopy Award for Sustainability.

Leadership: Building Bridges Across the River 

The 11th Street Bridge Project, helmed by Building Bridges Across the River, beautifully exemplifies the sentiment ‘if you’re going to do something, do something well.’ Rising above the Anacostia perched on the piers of the old 11th Street Bridge, the space will not only be a green space for healthy recreation, environmental education, and the arts, it will serve as an anchor for equitable and inclusive economic growth. Ultimately, it is a blueprint for how things could be done. For their unflinching centering of their community and its needs, we are honored to present Building Bridges Across the River the Canopy Award for Leadership.

Partnership: Anacostia Riverkeepers

It’s no secret that environmental nonprofits have similar objections. But waterways and urban forests are uniquely connected – truly, sustainable, resilient cities are built on the mutually beneficial relationship between rivers and trees. The Anacostia Riverkeeper has been a consistent and constant ally of Casey Trees and our urban forest. By centering the people that inhabit our greenspaces and waterways, focusing on what brings us together, and working with us to preserve tree filled greenspace for future Washingtonians, we are honored to present Anacostia Riverkeepers with the Canopy Award for Partnership.