July 11, 2022 /
Christina Hester

Urban Tree Summit

The eleventh annual Urban Tree Summit is only a couple of months away! Here’s a guide to securing your tickets and attending the event like a pro. In lieu of a traditional single-day conference event, we have opted this year to continue with our multi-day virtual and field session format with the intention to promote public safety as well as provide a more impactful experience. 

What is the Urban Tree Summit? 

A weeklong hybrid conference filled with presentations from some of the country’s leading experts. Learn about topics that will focus on the health and welfare of trees in our increasingly developed landscapes as well as the innovative efforts to plant, protect, and preserve trees in urban and suburban settings.  

Who should attend? 

We encourage all arborists, landscape industry, and environmental/green industry professionals, engineers, designers, housing developers, and overall interested citizens/tree lovers to take advantage of this opportunity to learn new techniques and concepts on what can be done to ensure the survival of trees in our built environment. 

How do I get tickets? 

We’ll be kicking off the Urban Tree Summit with a half-day virtual session on Wednesday, September 7th. Early bird tickets for this commencement are available now! There will also be three field events taking place throughout the week that each requires a separate ticket. The Urban Tree Summit is made possible by generous financial and in-kind contributions from our sponsors. Join the ranks of the community-minded businesses working towards a collective mission by following the PDF or online forms or by reaching out to to sponsor. 

What should I bring to my field event? 

The field events will not be strenuous, but we recommend you wear comfortable clothes/walking shoes, bring a water bottle, and possibly one of our Tree Species Guides!  No need to print your ticket, guests will be checked in on arrival based on registration name.  

We look forward to seeing you at the summit! Please contact us with any questions at or 202.349.1909