Blog Post By Jona Elwell

Five Simple Steps to Engage with D.C. for its Trees

When it comes to working with D.C. governmental agencies, whether that’s DDOT (who oversees the Urban Forestry Division, who we, understandably, work a lot with), DPR, a different district agency, Councilmembers or ANC chairs, it can seem like there is simultaneously too much to do and nothing at all. Our city works hard to prioritize residents, greenspace, and the growing demands of our expanding city. How can you make sure your voice is heard? Here are some simple, easy, and effective ways to engage with the city and protect our trees.

  1. Tell the city what you think of its trees
    Love em or loathe em, we want to hear it! Have you already filled out the three minute survey? Send it to two friends to help us get to our goal of 1,000 responses. We’re halfway there!
  2. Keep an eye on your neighborhood trees
    See a sad tree on the way to and from school, work, or the grocery store? Tell the city! Submit a request to 311 to keep our trees in tip-top shape
  3. Advocate with us
    If you like this list, chances are you’ll like our Policy team and their work! We work with local officials, like minded organizations, and government entities big and small to submit public comments, provide testimony, and give feedback on a number of development plans throughout the District. Don’t feel like testifying in front of the D.C. Council? Don’t worry, we have so many ways to stand up for trees.
  4. Take advantage of our partnership with DPR
    We’re working with a city agency that happens to control a wide swath of the trees in this city – the District Department of Parks and Recreation! From inventories and plantings, to tree identification class and wellness walks we have a DPR event for everyone.
  5. Tell em you love em!
    All too often the attention a city and its official agencies gets is negative. If you appreciate a street tree on your walk to work, love to take your kids to a local DPR park, or just enjoy that our city priorities greenspace, tell em! A formal thanks goes a long way, but so does a shout on on social media.

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