Blog Post By Jona Elwell

Certified Tree Advocates Featured in ‘Trees are Key’

If you’re active in the urban forestry world on Twitter (what, you aren’t?) you may be familiar with Paul Johnson, the Urban and Community Forestry Coordinator for the Texas A&M Forest Service. If you’re not – join in the fun. A magical, tree filled world of tweets awaits.

Paul hosts a weekly podcast entitled “Trees are Key” that helps listeners better care for their trees. The short weekly podcast features a short lesson, a weekly tree highlight and upcoming tree related events around the state of Texas, where Paul is based.

Imagine our surprise when we discovered that Paul featured our hard working Certified Tree Advocates! In last week’s podcast, appropriately titled “Advocacy is Key,” Johnson discusses the importance of educating the public and the decision makers, as well as the overall goal of gaining advocates to help promote our subject of interest..trees and forests. Our beautiful and comprehensive Citizen Advocate Handbook is mentioned, as well as our arsenal of tips and tricks to woo the public, lawmakers, and everyone else.

Give it a listen, give Paul a follow, and give advocacy a chance! We have plenty more resources on our website.

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