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Welcome to Our New Development Associate

Please give a warm welcome to Logan Knowles, our new Development Associate! You will see Logan out and about at many Casey Trees’ events from Tree Dedications to the Annual Canopy Awards next spring.

Logan may look familiar to you since she started out with Casey Trees as a Technical Services and Research Intern. You might even recognize her from our inventories this past summer. She won’t be giving up her TS&R skills forever and you can say congrats to Logan in person as she leads an inventory team at Trees 201!

Get to know Logan more:

Casey Trees (CT): Tell us a little bit about yourself. Who is Logan Knowles?
Logan Knowles (LK): I am a native Washingtonian and James Madison University alum, with a love for traveland anything outdoors. Fun facts about me include: Beyoncé is my first cousin, I am a map geek, I can recite a plethora of useless facts such as all 50 state mottos, and I am known to convince others that Beyoncé is actually my cousin.

CT: How did your internship in Casey Trees’ Technical Services and Research Department prepare you for your new position?
LK: Regardless of all the skills and knowledge I acquired during my internship, I feel like I found my people. The culture of Casey Trees coupled with the work ethic of the department made this a seamless transition. Aside from that, I was able to participate in almost all of our classes and programs – park inventories, tree plantings, Trees 101 and 201, Stand Up For Trees, etc. – which gave me the opportunity to learn and get to know our volunteers.

CT: You will be playing a large role in planning the Canopy Awards. The Canopy Awards changes theme annually — what would you choose for the 2017 theme and why?
LK: I would choose a Woodlands theme that provides attendees with a setting seldom experienced by urban dwellers; a fantastical depiction of ancient trees, animal hideouts, and complex ecosystems. Guests would come away with the message that the Woodlands draw you in, whether to far-off places, or off the beaten path in DC.

CT: If you could plant a tree anywhere, where would it be and what type of tree?
LK: I would plant a Tulip Tree (Liriodendron tulipifera!), the tallest tree in the eastern deciduous forest. I would plant it where it is needed: where there is a beating sun, where people can watch it grow, where it will be appreciated.

CT: What would the name of your debut album be and why? If you already have a debut album- please share that story.
LK: “Pollination: I never met a tree I didn’t like”

Does Logan sound like the type of person you would want to work with? Does fundraising and development seem like the bees-knees? Apply for our Development Internship!

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