Red maple tree

Tree Dedications

Our Tree Dedication Program offers you a special and lasting way to celebrate and honor the people, pets and events that have touched and shaped your life.

All Tree Dedications are incorporated into the Community Tree Planting program which takes place during the spring (March to May) and fall (September to December). Individuals looking to make a Tree Dedication can choose from the list of sites which are slated to receive trees each season. You may review the site plan created for each event and choose the exact tree with which you wish to honor a loved one. If you are interested, the option to partake in the planting event may be available.

Cost of a Tree Dedication: $250.00

To make your donation for a Tree Dedication, simply go to the online donation form, and include the honoree’s name in the “Comments” section.

What you receive:

  • The option to choose the location and species of tree from our Community Tree Planting schedule
  • A certificate indicating the honoree’s name and the species and location of their tree
  • Inclusion on our Tree Dedications Map
  • The chance to partake in the planting of your tree (exceptions to this rule: School Tree Planting events)
  • Note: We do not physically tag trees or install permanent markers

If you are interested in participating in the Tree Dedication program, please contact the Development department at 202.833.9125 to coordinate the details of your gift.

Not what you’re looking for?

Is a Tree Dedication not what you had in mind? Consider a Commemorative Donation. By using our online donation form, you can make a donation in someone’s name. Use the “Comments” section box to include the name of the person you are looking to commemorate or celebrate. We will send you (and if appropriate, the honoree) a formal letter recognizing this gift.