March 12, 2015 /
Casey Manning

Want free trees? Apply by May 1

Know of a school, triangle park, community garden, recreation center, condo building — anywhere public or private property that needs ten or more trees? Casey Trees wants to help!

Applying is easy but time is running out. Applications for a fall 2015 (October – December) or spring 2016 (March – May) Community or School Tree Planting are due May 1.

Any person can propose a planting site, and successful applications receive technical support — including tree species and planting location advisement, help with volunteer recruitment, and on the day of planting, the required tools, equipment, and the trees themselves — all at no cost.

Not sure if your site would be eligible? Check out our handy map to see where we are planting this spring to get an idea if your potential site might fit the bill. Still not sure? Email us. Don’t need 10 or more trees? Consider our Tree Rebate or RiverSmart Homes Shade Tree programs. And if you need a street tree, call 311 or go to 311 Online.

Learn more or submit an application.