Residential Plantings

Through the RiverSmart Homes Shade Tree program, you can have shade trees planted on your private residential property for just a $50 per tree co-pay — and there is no limit to the number of trees that can be planted on each property, provided space allows.

Shade trees are wonderful for so many reasons — including their amazing ability to mitigate stormwater runoff and pollution. Tree leaves act like cups and can capture up to one-tenth of an inch of stormwater — a critical amount since a half inch rain event can cause sewer overflows. This is why we are working to get more shade trees in the ground — more shade trees, less flooding!

How it Works

Submit an online request.

Have a home consultation with the Department of Energy and the Environment (DOEE).
A DOEE auditor will contact you to set up a home consultation to go over the RSH program and determine which improvements your property is eligible for.

Have a home consultation with Casey Trees.
Homeowners determined to be eligible for and are interested in shade trees will then be contacted by Casey Trees to arrange a second home consult to select tree species and placement. Trees available through RSH are listed below.

Pay your co-pay.
The $50 per tree co-pay covers your home consult, tree and planting. Payment for each tree must be received prior to scheduling the tree planting date.

Once tree species and locations are selected, a planting date will be schedule for the spring or fall. You do not need to be present for the planting.

Choose your tree(s)

You can choose from 14 trees specifically selected for their environmental benefits. In advance of your home consult, review our RiverSmart Homes Tree Selection Guide to get an idea of what tree(s) might be the most suited for your yard. But rest assured, that we will help you choose the right tree for the right location.

Medium Trees
River birch | Betula nigra
Honeylocust | Gleditsia triacanthos
Yellowwood | Cladrastis kentukea
American Hornbeam | Carpinus Caroliniana
Silverbell | Halesia sp

Medium/Large Trees
Catalpa | Catalpa bignonioides
Blackgum | Nyssa sylvatica
Basswood | Tilia americana

Large Trees
Red Maple | Acer rubrum
London Plane | Plantanus x acerifolia
Oak | Quercus sp (various species)

Evergreen Trees
American Holly | Ilex opaca
Eastern Red Cedar | Juniperus virginiana
Southern Magnolia | Magnolia grandiflora
Virginia Pine | Pinus virginiana

Small Flowering Trees – Availability restricted
Serviceberry | Amelanchier sp
Eastern Redbud | Cercis canadensis
Flowering Dogwood | Cornus florida
Sweetbay Magnolia | Magnolia virginiana

Download the RiverSmart Homes Tree Selection Guide.

The RiverSmart Homes program is made possible with funding from the Department of Energy and Environment.