Tree Planting

Each year, Casey Trees plants more than 2,500 trees across the District. We do this because we know firsthand how trees transform spaces for the better and we want D.C. to be the best city to live, work and play. We are also committed to helping the District achieve its ambitious 40 percent by 2032 canopy goal— and every tree we plant inches us closer to that goal.

You can help D.C. get to 40 percent canopy cover too by planting a tree on your private residential and commercial property. We have several great programs to help you add trees for little or no cost — and the best news is that you can make use of one or all of them!

Tree Rebate
Plant a tree at home and we will pay you back. You pick the tree you want, plant it and receive up to $100 back per tree.

Residential Plantings
We can plant a tree for you through our Riversmart Homes program. After a home consult, we make species recommendations and plant the trees for a $50 per tree co-pay.

Community Tree Planting
Organize a community tree planting. Approved applicants receive trees, tools, technical assistance and help recruiting volunteers.

School Tree Planting
Super hands-on learning opportunity for students. We re-tree school campuses with the help of students, faculty and parents.

Planting a tree is also a great way to celebrate and honor the people, pets and events that have touched your lives. Our Gift a Tree program provides a dedication and sponsorship option and are incorporated into our spring and fall Community Tree Plantings.

If you are interested in engaging us in a fee-for-service opportunity please fill out our FFS inquiry form.