School Tree Planting

Every fall and spring we plant hundreds of trees at public and private schools. Adding trees to schools is a great way to make campuses more welcoming, create outdoor classrooms, shade recreation spaces, connect students to the benefits of trees and foster environmental stewardship.

How it Works

Project Organizers propose a planting site and locations for five or more trees. Shade trees must make up 60 percent or more of the total requested trees unless it is exclusively a fruit tree project.

Successful applicants work with our Youth Programs Coordinator to help select tree species and planting locations and to develop a three year post-planting maintenance schedule. We provide support leading up to and on the day of the planting, and all the required tools and trees. Project Organizers are expected to attend a project planning orientation several months in advance.

Leading up to the event, students participate in a Casey Trees-led Tree Rally. Students learn the species of trees they will be planting, how to properly handle and plant the trees and the value of trees. During the event, students serve as the primary planters giving them a sense of ownership and responsibility for the project. The school receiving the trees commits to watering them for a minimum of three years following installation.

School Tree Plantings take place in the spring (March through May) and fall (October through December) only.


Applications are accepted year-round. Those received by May 1st will be considered for the upcoming fall (October – December) and spring (March – May) seasons. We accept approximately 15 projects per season.

School Planting Site Application

Please note that non, full-time school employees may apply for a School Tree Planting but must provide a letter of support from the principal with their application