Save Our Soil

Our nation’s capital is developing at a rapid pace. New buildings, cranes and construction fencing are a visual marker of our growing population, which is expected to close in on 1 million people by the year 2045. While more development will help to accommodate these new residents, it also means that impervious surfaces (like structures and pavement) could replace our city’s green spaces.

How You Can Help:

In addition to creating massive challenges for managing stormwater and the urban heat island, development also decreases the space we count on to grow trees and reach our city’s 40% tree canopy goal. And without cherished green spaces, DC loses the vibrancy that makes it such an attractive place to live and work. We must act now to save our soil, so we can plan for future residents, and for future trees.

To stem the loss of green space, Casey Trees’ Save our Soil program preserves green space in conservation easements. Conservation easements are partnerships with public or private landowners that keep land green forever. Through a legal agreement that can be tailored to meet the needs of each unique property, Casey Trees ensures these spaces remain largely undeveloped, in perpetuity.

Since 2005, green space and tree canopy have slowly increased in the District. With Save our Soil, we’re working to continue this trend. Below you’ll find ways you can help us set aside undeveloped green space for people, and for trees.


Our conservation easement map contains monitoring reports, additional photos, and geolocation information.


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