October 31, 2022 /
Christina Hester

Cemeteries for Green

Happy Halloween! In the spirit of all things spooky, we’re here to share some of the cemeteries in the District that are dedicated to adding trees to burial grounds in efforts of not only restoring the tree canopy and providing green burials but providing peaceful greenspaces and memorial areas to be visited for generations to come. 

Mount Olivet 

Mount Olivet Cemetery is located on a historic hill overlooking the monuments of the nation’s capital in the District of Columbia. The largest Catholic cemetery in the District of Columbia, Mount Olivet is covered in trees – providing wonderful shade and coverage to everyone who visits. Casey Trees has even hosted multiple events here, including Tree Care, Tree Planting, and Tree Walks. Over the years, Casey Trees has planted a total of 705 trees at Mount Olivet!  

Congressional Cemetery  

Another popular location for our Community Tree Plantings, we’ve had the pleasure of adding 290 trees to the historic, yet active Congressional Cemetery – located on Capitol Hill. The cemetery is an interdenominational burial ground that accommodates several types of interments, from eco-friendly green burials and inurnments to traditional casket burials. They also offer a variety of tours and events that allow people to learn more about the rich history of the cemetery and some of the individuals buried there. 

Rock Creek Cemetery  

Located on the south side of Fort Totten, away from the hustle and bustle of downtown – Rock Creek Cemetery’s park-like setting is graced with beautiful sculptures, mausoleums, monuments, and markers, many of which are the works of famous artisans and landscape architects. Dating from 1719, the Cemetery is also Washington’s oldest cemetery and was designed as part of the rural cemetery movement. The burial ground in the churchyard’s urban space, with its natural 86-acre rolling landscape, functions as both cemetery and public park – that Casey Trees has added 70 trees to!

Here’s a Halloween fun fact: Casey Trees has planted 1,271 trees across eight different cemeteries in the District – WOW!