September 12, 2022 /
Christina Hester

Pawpaw Season is here!

As the month marches on bringing us closer to autumn, a local delicacy continues to ripen and reach its full delicious potential. The pawpaw (of course) is the largest fruit native to North America – described as having a sunny, electric, and downright tropical flavor, the fruit is often a local favorite that can be eaten alone or in a variety of recipes!  

As someone celebrating their first pawpaw season, it felt essential as a DC resident to try the much sought-after fruit. Luckily for me, we have pawpaw trees in our CT rain garden – but for those looking to find the fruit out in the wild, your best bet is to buy from your local farmers markets or search for them by bodies of water in natural areas. Remember to check your local laws about foraging to be sure that you’re following proper practices and aren’t breaking any laws. 

Although I chose to eat the pawpaw just as it comes, there are multiple recipes that you can incorporate pawpaw into, including: salsa, juice, muffins, bread, ice cream and more!  


Watch below to see how I like my first ever pawpaw and follow our socials for more foraging content to come!