July 11, 2022 /
Christina Hester

Golf, Sustainability, and Inclusion

July marks Family Golf Month! Historically golf courses are not beacons of sustainable practices; however, some new friends at National Links Trust (NLT) are truly changing the game.  

NLT is dedicated to protecting and promoting accessible, affordable, and engaging municipal golf courses to positively impact local communities across the United States. We have been in awe of their work at Langston Golf Course and are already dreaming up future canopy installations.   

In honor of this month, we highly recommend you take the family to the Langston Golf Course, off Benning Road and bordering the Anacostia River. Whether you are playing 18 or taking your kids to the range, it’s truly a gem with some immense historical background.  

Langston Golf Course was named after John Mercer Langston, the first black dean of the Howard University School of Law, the first president of Virginia State University, and the first black man elected to the United States Congress from Virginia. It was the second racially desegregated golf course in the District of Columbia, 

NLT is undergoing a few huge projects over at Langston, from larger capital projects to Langston becoming the home course for the Howard Golf Team (hey, Steph Curry). We have been following their work with our other partners Anacostia Watershed Society (AWS) remove invasives without hurting the many ecosystems that directly impact the river.  

They are currently working to remove vines from Native trees. Langston is home to many DC natives such as black cherries, box elders, cottonwoods, apple varieties, redbuds, dogwoods, elms, pin oaks, red and silver maples, willows, willow oaks sycamores! 

This Family Golf Month, we highly recommend checking out municipal golf courses in the area. Municipal golf courses are vitally important to the sport because they are often more accessible, affordable, and engaging than private “club-based” courses. These courses allow anyone to reserve a tee time and get out on the course rather than following an exclusive member-only policy. Golf clubs that operate based on membership often exclude individuals who are unable to prioritize the sport over other expenses or those who don’t play as often. 

NLT also manages two other municipal courses in the District that are, in our opinion, especially perfect for families and newcomers Rock Creek Park Golf Course and East Potomac Park Golf Course. Rock Creek Park Course boasts a 5-hole loop (and rentals) that is perfect for young kids or those of us who want to spoil a good walk. East Potomac Park has a mini-golf course – ideal for the summer. You can even check out some of our trees along the Potomac River as you head in. See you on the green! 

Photo Source: National Park Service An aerial view of the Langston Golf Course on the Anacostia River.