June 13, 2022 /
Casey Trees

Advocacy Update

It’s been a big season for advocacy work here at Casey Trees, and we are very excited to let you know that we’ve scored some big wins!

First, this week the Council passed the Urban Forest Preservation Authority Amendment Act (or, UFPAAA)! The UFPAAA allows the city to stop construction projects that threaten Special or Heritage Trees, and expands the umbrella of protection for these trees to public lands.

Second, as you may recall, the Council almost voted to raid the Tree Fund for nearly $1.4 million. Such a loss would mean losing the funding to plant 4,000 trees. Thanks to our advocate’s letters, the Council reversed this decision and left the Tree Fund intact! The work we do at Casey Trees and the city’s Urban Forestry Division depends on having these funds available to plant, maintain, and care for trees.

We wanted to give a huge thanks to all of our advocates for your work to keep DC’s trees protected! Between these two campaigns, we sent nearly 800 letters (wow!) to the Council. Without the help we got from you, we would not be able to keep DC as green as we can. Here’s to many more seasons of protecting the trees that make DC such a wonderful place to live!

Looking to continue the good work? Schedule a custom consult with Casey Trees. The best part?  What you pay for your services goes right back into the communities that need it most. We strive to continue our efforts to identify and plant in the parts of the city that need it most season after season.

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