Blossoms Semifinal Bracket Yoshino V Weeping and Shirofugen V Black
Blog Post By Jona Elwell

Semi-Finals of our Blossom Bracket

The semi-finals of our unique, peak D.C. version of March Madness is here! With two weeks of voting under our belt, we’ve whittled down the competition to find the best bloom in town! Let’s see who made it to the semi-finals:

Coming right out of the gate is a tough contest is between the Yoshino Cherry, the Tidal Basin beauty, and the striking Weeping Cherry. Who will win – ole reliable or its smaller, visually stunning cousin? Cast your vote

The second contest is between the pillowy layers of the  Shirofugen Cherry and the showy white flowers of the native Black Cherry. Cast your vote!

Now that we have our semi-finalists, be sure to vote in the finalists! My guess is that it all comes down to Yoshino and Black Cherry. Only you can make that happen by VOTING HERE!

* You can find this type of cherry on the National Mall
+ This tree is eligible for a $50 rebate when you purchase and plant it yourself

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