March Madness Blossom Bracket

March 23, 2020 /
Jona Elwell

Blossom Bracket Week 2

March Madness (the basketball tournament, not the global COVID-19 pandemic) is unfortunately, but understandably cancelled. We thought we could all use a virtual distraction with a unique Casey Trees spin on this iconic event. Voting started last week and we have two more rounds where your votes will whittle down the competition to find the best bloom in town. 

Alright, alright, alright – y’all voted online and on social and only the best blooms have advanced. Who made the cut? Let’s see…

Yoshino Cherry vs Takesimensis Cherry:
Surprise, surprise D.C.’s crown jewel made it to the next round! Will it make it to the next week’s Finals?

Kwanzan Cherry vs Akebono Cherry:
It was tough for the tufts of perfectly pink petals on the Kwanzan cherry, but they made it to the next round by capturing almost 52% of the votes!

Autumn Flowering Higan Cherry vs Snow Goose Flowering Cherry:
The punchy pink blooms of the off-peak blooming HIgan Cherry beat out the pale white of the Snow Goose Cherry.

Weeping Cherry vs Usuzumi Cherry:
It’s hard to compete with the visually stunning look of the Weeping Cherry and unfortunately the Usuzumi Cherry didn’t make the cut.

Afterglow Cherry vs Sargent Cherry:
There’s a reason it’s called the “crème de la crème” of flowering cherries – the Sargent Cherry made it onto the next round.

Shirofugen Cherry vs Okame Cherry:
In the bold versus billowing round, it looks like billowing came out on top – y’all could not resist the layers and layers of the Shirofugen Cherry.

Black Cherry vs Chokecherry:
It was barely a contest between the black cherry and the chokecherry. The Black Cherry ran away with 66% of the votes!

Sweet Cherry vs Sour Cherry:
The final contest was a nail biter, with the Sweet Cherry squeaking by with 48% of the votes.


Onto Round Two – VOTE HERE!



* You can find this type of cherry on the National Mall
+ This tree is eligible for a $50 rebate when you purchase and plant it yourself

Don’t forget to vote here to ensure your favorites make it to the next round!