Blog Post By Jona Elwell

New Year’s Resolutions Can Help Urban Forests Too

Personal New Year’s resolutions can make urban forests better too. Using public spaces, joining in on public discussions and buying local are all things people can do to contribute to a better city *and* a better urban forest.

Things you do to make your cities better, also make our lives better and vice versa. It’s mutually beneficial! You don’t have to make sweeping changes either.

Considering it’s an election year, maybe you’re looking to get more politically involved. One way to learn the ins and outs of our city government is through our introductory class Advocacy in the District. Learn to speak up for a lot of things you care about, including urban trees.

When you resolve to move more or lose weight, consider walking, jogging or biking in a local greenspace in D.C. Spending more consistent time in a space, you’re more likely to notice more, like what trees are in the park, and more likely to feel a sense of ownership of space. You get outside and get moving, and urban trees and greenspaces benefit from having a friendly, watchful face keep an eye on them.

Or maybe you pledge to shop locally and come across a park while walking to a nearby shop that could use some trees. The city relies on its residents to play their part – consider submitting a Community, School, or Residential Tree planting request to add trees and beautify a space.

Ultimately, keep in mind that personal goals can be achieved in a communal way that benefits other people, neighborhoods, and even greenspaces too!

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