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Tree-mendously Thankful for: Our Crew

You know the ‘motto’ of the “United States Postal Service that’s chiseled into New York City’s Post Office on 8th Avenue, “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds”? While I’m certain that’s a fair characterization of mail carriers, it can characterize another dedicated group of people – the Casey Trees Crew. 

No longer the unsung heroes of Community Tree Plantings, School Tree Plantings, residential plantings, and every other planting in between, we’re taking some time to thank them this Thanksgiving season as we reflect on all we’re grateful for

Our crew does more than put trees in the ground, they inspire tiny tree stewards!

It’s your first time volunteering at a Casey Trees planting – you don’t know what to expect. When you arrive, you’ll find trees placed throughout the park near a brightly colored flag. How did those trees get there? Why are they in those particular spots?

It all comes down to our crew of Tree Planting folks – urban foresters Nate, Paul, Brendan and Cece, crew leaders Allan, Nick, Miguel, Ruben and Wes, crew members Phil, Savon, Alex, Will, and Rebecca, data dude Robert and the leader of it all, Rob.

Whether in a large NPS park, smaller triangle park, District park or rec center, residence, or house of worship, these folks take care of everything from selecting the appropriate tree that will thrive in the optimal place, coordinating with project or property owners, driving around the city in a huge truck with a trailer full of trees, dropping the trees at their exact location (which isn’t always on a flat, easy to access field!), or actually putting the tree in the ground, our tree planting team is dedicated and thorough. We’re thankful for their relentless dedication to ensuring the success of each and every tree planting event. 

We’re not the only ones either – folks big and small are in awe of our crew – and it’s easy to see why! A fun-loving bunch that works hard and plays hard, their hard work and dedication to their urban canopy is one of the many ways we’re able to do what we do. 

The missing piece is you! It takes a village to ensure a green, resilient, equitable future for all 8 Wards and all 713,244 and growing residents. Your support makes our work possible. We cannot re-tree without you! Donate to support our work, and your communities, today at

Pictured in all their glory above:
Back row left to right is Crew Member Phil Mouton, Crew Member Alex Palacios, Crew Member Savon Jackson, Crew Member Rebecca Shipe, Urban Forestry Crew Chief Miguel Mattox and Director Rob Shaut
Front row left to right is Urban Forester Cece McCrary, Urban Forester Brendan Durkin, Data Technician Robert Colburn, Urban Forester Nate Kelly, Crew Member Will Herbst, Crew Chief Ruben Pansegrouw, Crew Chief Wes Morris, Urban Forestry Foreman Nick Smalley and Urban Forestry Manager Allan Rey
Not pictured is Urban Forester II Paul Coraggio


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