May 30, 2019 /
Jona Elwell

Get Outside for Great Outdoors Month

Summer is the time to #EscapetheIndoors and connect with nature. This June during Great Outdoors Month®, get dirty with us, learn something new, and enjoy the plethora of outdoor activities and adventures we (and Mother Nature) offer!

This June, while temps are still in the 70s and the oppressive heat and humidity aren’t permanent, celebrate the natural wonder and outdoor spirit of America by getting outside with us:

Explore a new place: Get well, go outside. Research from all over the world suggests that being in nature overall reduces stress levels, increases immunity, and promotes a sense of calm. Join Casey Trees and Department of Parks and Recreation in a nature and wellness workshop to partake in a mindfulness practice while learning about trees in your neighborhood.

See your neighborhood joints in a new light: Casey Trees is committed to increasing the tree canopy of Washington D.C. How well are we doing? Find out by participating in our annual survival study. We’ll be in Georgetown measuring canopy width, trunk diameter, and most importantly, whether the tree is still alive.

Get up close and personal with local celebrities: Prune the famous cherry trees along the Tidal Basin! We’re partnering with  the National Park Service for a special opportunity to prune the summer suckers of the historic cherry trees.

Swap happy hour locations: Instead of spending $40 on mediocre cocktails on 14th Street, head a bit further north and join us in Columbia Heights surveying trees for health, size, and species. No experience is needed – we have all the tools, knowledge and snacks you need.