September 10, 2018 /
Jona Elwell

Interactive Map: Where We Are This Fall

We weren’t kidding when we said this was our biggest and busiest fall season to date. Keeping track of the amount and locations of events can be staggering and overwhelming, so we created this handy dandy map to help keep everything straight.

Register for any and all of these events! Many hands make light work and we’re counting on you.

Some fascinating factoids about some event locations:

The Farm at Kelly Miller is the newest and largest urban farm in the city. An impressive collaboration between almost six organizations including DPR, Dreaming Out Loud, Hustlerz 2 Harvesters and DC Central Kitchen. The farm will not only grow food for the neighborhood, but will also boost its economic well-being through job training programs and a food business incubator. We’re excited to add over 100 trees on September 22, which will be a mix of fruit trees to provide fresh produce as well as shade trees to shade the nearby school and pool.

We’re picking up where we left off in May 2018 at Fort Reno. After all your hard work inventorying the trees in this space, we’re teaming up with historian and park ranger Phan of National Park Service for a tour about War & Peace at Fort Reno. Join us for a great exploration of nature today coupled with stories of the largest fortification north of the Potomac River.

We want to hold a planting at Dakota Playground, but first we need to know what trees are already there. On October 27 we’ll do just that! The data collected during this inventory will directly impact how we break ground for a planting – and what species are planted.

Curious about the redevelopment to take place around RFK stadium? During this joint advocacy-citizen science event, you’ll learn more about how D.C. plans to revitalize this area and how you can influence those plans through advocacy. The data you collect during this inventory will be instrumental as advocacy volunteers work to prioritize trees in the new designs. If you love science, trees and promoting green developments, this is the event for you! Come put your tree skills to the test and take in some fresh air with fellow nature enthusiasts.