Blog Post By Jona Elwell

Dedicated Volunteers: We Need You as Team Leaders!

With an extended fall planting season (September – December!) that means a few things. First, more trees get in the ground. Second, there are more opportunities to volunteer with us. Third, we need more folks like you to step up in bigger and greater ways and help us guide volunteer and lead teams!

Consider becoming a Team Leader and play a greater role in increasing the District’s canopy cover. Team Leaders play a vital role in our community tree planting and inventory program by leading teams of 3-5 volunteers at our events. Naturally, you’ll gain a ton of tree knowledge along the way… however, you will also rack up skills in leadership, volunteer management and even public speaking – hello LinkedIn! Plus TL’s get to wear a snazzy red vest and bask in eternal urban forestry glory.

Join us for Team Leader Training September 5. You can find more details about the training and how to become a Team Leader. Feel free to email or reach out to us @CaseyTrees with any and all question you have. And who knows, Muriel Bowser may even give you your coveted red Team Leader Hat!

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