Blog Post By Jona Elwell

It Takes a Village: Tree Care at the Farm

It surprises no one that we’re pretty well versed in how to manage successful Community Tree Plantings, School Tree Plantings, Inventories, or even varied advocacy events. But one critical part of our mission to restore, enhance, and protect the tree canopy of our nation’s capital that is not explored to its fullest potential? The ‘protect’ part. A key piece of this is caring for young trees that are either already in the city by watering and pruning them, but another part of that is caring for trees that are on their way to the District.

Enter the intrepid folks at the Casey Tree Farm. While a handful of people do the lion’s share of the planting, pruning, and caring for young trees and saplings, there are far more trees on our farm that could use a little love. Plus, it’s a big part of our work that our volunteers don’t get to see as much. We had the bright idea to combine these two areas and invite volunteers to join us at the farm, learn a bit more about what we do there and develop some young tree care skills.

Ultimately our pilot event was a success –  ten volunteers were able to stake, tie, support, and care for over 1,000 trees! In just a few hours! Staking is a critical part of young trees growing into successful trees for planting. Plus, this was a great opportunity for our farm folks to meet our volunteers, lend a helping hand, and ensure the survival and straight growth of our new trees destined for life in the big city. Plus, it was a blast to program something new and different!

We have a few more tree care events lined up for this summer – some with a special relay twist! If you want to add some more tools to your tree care arsenal, or simply join us for a new and exciting opportunity, this is it. We look forward to seeing you and watching these trees flourish thanks to your care.

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