Blog Post By Jona Elwell

Ready, Set, Go! Sign Up for Tree Care Relay Races

While we don’t plant trees in the summer, we sure do a lot of caring for them! We need your help. To spice up Tree Care events, we’re excited to announce our twist on Field Day.

What is a Tree Care Relay Race?
Tree Care Relay races are similar to those you competed in at as a kid during a field day, but with a tree twist! In this race, you will be on a team of 5 racers who will water, weed, mulch, and learn about the trees in their care in record time.

Winners of the race will receive ~~special prizes~~ and all participants will get delicious popsicles for a job well done.

Why do Trees need so much care in the summer?
Great question! The care you provide in the first three years after planting is critical for the tree’s long-term health. During this establishment period, the tree has less ability to absorb the water and nutrients it needs and is more vulnerable to physical damage. This is why we focus on weeding, watering, and mulching our trees to set them up for a successful summer. But we can’t care for all 3,000 trees we plant on our own! That’s where you are needed to keep D.C.’s trees green!

Sign me up! So glad you’re interested! We have three tree events:

Armed Forces Retirement Home | August 4

Langdon Park | August 8

Takoma Recreation Center | August 17

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