October 23, 2017 /
Jona Elwell

From Disney World to Berryville: Meet our New Nursery Manager Todd

While you may not see him too often in D.C., our new nursery manager Todd Woodfield will be a staple on the Casey Tree Farm, overseeing operations out there in Berryville, VA.

Casey Trees (CT): Who is Todd? How did you end up at the Casey Tree Farm?
Todd Woodfield (TW): Well, I’ve been in horticulture all my life, mostly down in the South in Florida. I worked at Walt Disney World and helped build out the landscape plan for Universal Studios! However, about seven years ago I came up the MidAtlantic to work for a wholesale nursery. I heard about the Casey Tree Farm opening and I knew you guys did great work, so I was excited for the opportunity to join the team.

CT: Where do you see the Casey Tree Farm in 5 years? What are you excited to contribute to Casey Trees?
I see us expanding the plant palette a little bit. That way we’ll be able to expand opportunities for more Community Tree Plantings because we’ll have a more diverse number of available trees. In time, our numbers should go up considerably, which will help us reach out 40% canopy goal throughout the city.

CT: Always and forever – what is your favorite tree?
That’s a tough one, but I’d have to say the Overcup Oak. It’s a strong, sturdy oak tree that’s very easy  to transplant and its survivability rates are really high so when it’s planted there’s a high chance it will grow into a large canopy tree. Also, because of its size, shape, adaptability and hardiness, it makes an excellent urban street tree.