October 30, 2017 /
Jona Elwell

A Residential Planting Before and After

We often talk about our cool and affordable residential planting programs, but if you don’t have a background in plantings or have a postage stamp sized yard, it’s hard to visualize what you can do with the space you’re given. Enter our Brookland neighbor and volunteer extraordinaire, Astrid. When walking by her house the other day, we were struck not only by the size of her fast growing RiverSmart Homes trees, but also her knack for maximizing her space. We thought we’d share to really highlight that the possibilities are almost endless – if you don’t have acres of land that’s ok! We can help find a tree that’s suitable for your space so it can grow, be happy, and provide you and your home with all of those excellent benefits (reduced utility bills, carbon sequestration, increased property value beauty, etc. etc).

It’s easy as pie too. Do you have a place in mind and want to plant your own tree? See if it is available for Rebate. Follow these tips to get reimbursed for your tree. Don’t want to get all dirty or don’t know the best place or type of tree for your yard? Our RiverSmart Homes consultation program has it all. We come on over to help you decide on a tree and then plant it for you.

Without further ado, a before of after:

A neighbor’s Dawn Redwood! They grow tall and straight, so they don’t overwhelm tiny yards.

Who needs all that concrete anyway! A cut out will do the trick for this Black Gum that Astrid planted and received a rebate for, which now shades Astrid’s porch.

A small cut out in the concrete did the trick.

Above all, Homeowners are encouraged to consider the long term benefits of well-placed, long-lived, large canopy trees. These benefits include increased storm water capture, cooler urban temperatures, lower cooling bills, increased native wildlife habitat, and improved quality of life. Planting for tree canopy is an investment in the health of our city in the future, and is truly easier than you may think. Plant a tree today!