May 30, 2017 /

Love Where You Live – Beautifying Brookland with Vines

Our corner of 12th Street NE and Irving Street NE in Brookland is pretty terrific. We have supportive and awesome neighbors, a great community, and a plenty of trees to enjoy. Our neighbor and avid volunteer Astrid approached us in early 2013 regarding a not so great aspect of Brookland – the plain brick warehouse that is home to Pepco Substation #133. She had the brilliant idea of creating a Green Wall on the substation to beautify the neighborhood, reduce noise pollution, and help offset urban heat island effects. Not to mention it offers a cool and unusual focal point to the block!

By the time Astrid knocked on our door, she and the larger Brookland community had already logged hours petitioning Pepco and working with them on a mutually beneficial solution. So we did what any eco-conscious, green loving partner would do – we joined forces with them to plant a vine wall! After years of work dreaming, planning and installing the trellises, last week it all came together when we finally planted the vines! Check it out:

Astrid summed it up perfectly when she noted, “After five years of work, it is almost surreal that it is done and I can walk by it and see vines planted and woven up the trellises.”  For more info on the project, check out the Brookland Bridge blog. A special shout out to Pepco and Region President Donna Cooper for helping make this dream a reality, and our Board Member Mr. Charles Flickinger for helping with all the paperwork! Want to add some greenery to your yard or neighborhood this summer? Trees provide beauty, shade, and we can help plant them for little to no cost! We’ll get you all set up, just give one of our arborists a call at 202-833-4010.