Blog Post By Jona Elwell

Georgetown Gathering for Good

While we’re a staple in our Brookland neighborhood, are you familiar with our longtime partner on the west end of the District – Trees for Georgetown? We have worked with them since 2009 not only maintain trees throughout one of DC’s most historic and popular neighborhood, but to also add to the tree canopy of the city. At its annual fete, Trees for Georgetown and the Citizen’s Association of Georgetown celebrated the work of the past year and everyone who has helped “take care of our trees”.

Throughout 2016 and 2017, we planted 14 different species of trees throughout the streets of Georgetown, including the stately Willow Oak, London Planetree, Black Gum, Hackberry, and some River Birches. Better yet, all 64 trees we planted came from the Casey Trees Farm!

Trees for Georgetown is a volunteer group funded entirely by gifts and grants, whose purpose is to plant and maintain trees that line the residential streets of DC’s vibrant historic community. Working as a committee of Citizens Association of Georgetown since 1989, Trees for Georgetown has planted nearly 2,000 trees, contracted watering services during drought periods, and provided preventative maintenance for the neighborhood’s at-risk trees. We’re proud to have helped plant some of those 2,000 trees. Here’s to the next 2,000!

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