March 7, 2016 /
Italia Peretti

School and Community Tree Planting Application Deadline Approaching

Since 2003, our School and Community Tree Planting programs have added more than 11,500 trees to D.C. — bringing our total trees planted to date to 21,551.

Both programs are intentionally grassroots in nature (no pun intended). Groups tell us where trees are desired and we work with the approved entities to get the right tree species planted in the right location to help them fulfill their goals whether it be improved stormwater mitigation; adding shade, seasonal color or privacy; or just beautifying the space.

Casey Trees provide the trees, tools and technical assistance — at no cost to the group, in exchange for the group committing to watering, weeding and mulching the trees as needed for the first three years they are in the ground.

We’ve love to help you or your group re-tree a site in need. Applications for a Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 planting date are now being accepted and are due by May 1, 2016.

Find more details about our School and Community Tree Planting programs along with information about our other tree planting offerings on our website.

And to see what a planting with Casey Trees is like, visit our Flickr and Instagram accounts.