Volunteers at a Community Tree Planting event

Community Tree Planting

Every fall and spring passionate community organizers and volunteers join us to plant hundreds of trees at parks, gardens, and on private property in neighborhoods all across the District. These Community Tree Planting projects connect people to the benefits of trees and foster community spirit and interaction. Casey Trees provides the trees and technical assistance for each project. We accept about 30 projects every season through our application process, and Project Organizers attend a project planning orientation several months in advance.

The Community Tree Planting Process

Project Organizers come to our organization to propose a planting site and locations for the trees. Applicants are encouraged to seek prior approval or permission from property owners. Projects must meet a canopy requirement of 60% shade trees and only 40% ornamental or understory trees. This requirement may be waived for fruit tree projects. The Project Organizer is responsible for overseeing project development, submitting the project plan, recruiting volunteers, calling Miss Utility, providing morning refreshments and lunch for volunteers and ensuring trees receive weekly watering for two years following their planting.

A group of volunteers gathers around the Tool Circle to hear welcoming remarks and a safety briefing. Project Organizers have worked hard hosting community meetings, organizing neighbors, and collaborating with Lead Citizen Foresters to restore the tree canopy in their neighborhood.

Successful applicants are assigned a Casey Trees-trained Lead Citizen Forester as a technical advisor to help select tree species and planting locations and to develop a maintenance schedule. We provide support leading up to and on the day of the planting and all the required tools and trees and tree care items like mulch and watering bags.


Applications are accepted year-round. Those received by May 1st will be considered for the upcoming fall (October – December) and spring (March – April) seasons.

The CTP program is not intended to fulfill street tree requests. Make such requests to your local jurisdiction. In D.C., contact the Urban Forestry Administration online or call the Citywide Call Center at 311.
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